If you also want to know What are the mistakes students do while preparing for JEE? And you are also preparing for JEE exam, are you also not making this mistake because many students make this mistake while preparing for JEE exam?

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  And whenever it is talked about the preparation for an exam, the students preparing for that exam make mistakes and this is such a common mistake that no one even considers it a mistake, below are some such common mistakes when you are preparing for JEE 2023 So these mistakes will remain in your mind and below are some common mistakes that many students make while preparing for JEE 2023.

Below are the common mistakes

reading through many books

Some students read from many books while preparing for JEE 2023 and think that if they read from many books, then there will be good preparation, but this is the confusion of those students, it is best for students that they read only one book. read from set

By the way, it is said, out of all the books, NCERT books are one of the best books for the students preparing for JEE 2023. JEE students should pay maximum attention to NCERT books because in these books all the syllabus of JEE has been covered. Do not focus on that which has been thrown out of NCERT and NCERT books are the first choice of toppers.

Take more stress

This is the most common mistake that students preparing for JEE 2023 do, when students take more stress, their attention is diverted from studies and then when they are unable to study, they start taking more stress. If it is said then stress is the enemy of studies.

You have to make yourself mentally strong and you should not pay attention to the upcoming result and keep all the attention on your studies, do not think anything negative, only negative thinking prevents you from being successful.

jee exam

Concentrate on a single subject

Most of the students preparing for JEE 2023 make the same mistake that they focus only on a single subject like if a subject of a student is weak, then this student pays more attention to that subject or a subject of a student is strong. So this student keeps his focus on the same subject whereas you should not do this you should focus on all your subjects only then you will be able to prepare well for your exam Otherwise, it will happen that in the process of paying more attention to one subject, you can fail in another subject.

Leave everything to the coaching centre

Many students take admitted to a good coaching centre to prepare for JEE and leave everything to the coaching centre people but they should not do this they should also make their plan for their exam some students So that’s why they fail because they don’t plan and leave everything to the coaching centre. Read more for download any movie or webseries on moviesjaggat for Shehzada movie download.

You should plan for your exam well in advance


JEE exam is very important for those students who want to become good engineers in the future and students who want to take admitted to IIT, that’s why we have written in this article What are the mistakes students do while preparing for JEE? If you are also preparing for JEE 2023, then you have to avoid these mistakes.

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